Logical Lockdown – a new Barbary Lane artwork.

The stillness and the freedom of the British lockdown allowed me to indulge my obsession once again, this time with a digital painting based on my virtual film set of 28 Barbary Lane. Transporting myself to the home of Anna Madrigal was the purpose of this piece, immersing the viewer in the safety and comfort of this familiar, rackety old apartment house in San Francisco.

Armistead Maupin’s writing has always been a beacon to the dispossessed and this house has now assumed mythical status, as the centre of a logical family around the world, particularly to those whose biological families have let them down. Early evening, warm sun low in the sky, long blue shadows, gossip in the garden and a joint on the roof. Pink quilted housecoats. In the eerie isolation of the Covid era, this image  says there is hope, and a great deal to look forward to.

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A few years ago, I travelled to Russian Hill in San Francisco after reading Armistead Maupin’s delightful Tales of the City series. Call it a pilgrimage, but a visit to the mythical Barbary Lane influenced much of my work, which I’m pleased to say, is appreciated by Mr Maupin himself. To see the world’s first CGI animation of Tales of the City, take a look at this.

My Secret San Francisco box set is now available.