I’m a multimedia artist based in Manchester. Illustration and graphic design are my speciality, but I also paint in oils, digital watercolour and remix music. Video and animation are media that fascinate me and I’m currently on an CGI adventure in 3D modelling.

Everything changed for me in 2002 when I studied digital arts at Idea Training and suddenly technology and painting met and married soon after. While working as a DJ, I studied sound engineering at SSR Audio and became one of the founding members of The Devious Corporation, a musical collective from the 1990s. I’ve worked with the teams behind Pet Shop Boys and K-Klass and recent personal projects include bootleg remixes for Goldfrapp, Kate Bush and curating the art exhibition at Through The Mill arts festival. My magazine covers for Out North West magazine led to a big spike in distribution and I’ve created web commercials and worked as a voiceover artist. My video work has been broadcast by the BBC and I currently own Chorlton Art Market in Manchester, where I sell my work.


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