Mark Wallis design avatarI’m a multimedia artist based in Manchester. Currently painting in oils, I’m also a graphic designer who specialises in web design, print and illustration.

As an artist living in Amsterdam at the turn of the century, I experimented with collage and creative photography and returned to the UK to produce a series of covers for OutNorthWest Magazine, after exploring the digital arts at Idea Training. While working as a DJ, I studied sound engineering at SSR Audio and became one of the founding members of The Devious Corporation, a musical collective from the 1990s. I’ve worked with the teams behind Pet Shop Boys and K-Klass and recent personal projects include bootleg remixes for Goldfrapp, and film making.

I have also worked in promotion, creating music for commercials and working as a voiceover artist. In 2011, I launched The Vibes, an award-winning blog featuring a wide selection of my work.


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