Ever since I saw Hockney splashing about on his iPad, I was fascinated to see how technology could rival my gouache and oil paintings. During a tarot card reading, I was advised to marry my artistic capabilities with technology, and this being 2002, we were facing a revolution in devices and programs. I threw myself into a crash course in Photoshop and the rest is history. Digital painting can go either one of two ways. Either a finely tuned approximation of the real thing, or a child’s finger painting fit for the fridge door.

Analogue paint can have a logical conclusion, but digital paint means no mistakes or limits. Which is why getting your hands dirty can actually be a quicker and more rewarding process. An Apple pencil is no substitute for inspiration or talent.

A very rare photo of Kate Bush rendered in several painting apps.

My own Halloween makeup, updated for spring

Cornerhouse Manchester Digital Painting by Mark Wallis

The Cornerhouse, Manchester

Commission for Northern Flower Manchester

It was never released, but I had to invent something to fill the gap

Digital Painting of Santorini Church by Mark Wallis

The original photo was grabbed on the hop with my iPhone on Santorini, the idyllic Greek island.

Faversham, Kent - Digital Painting by Mark Wallis

Faversham, Kent

Piccadilly Gardens Manchester - digital painting by Mark Wallis

Statue, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester